Sunday, April 8, 2012

What's coming up in the community garden?

On Friday, April 6,  I visited the American Family community garden to see what was popping out of the ground. Because this is the second year of the garden, it was very possible that some perennial or fall-planted seeds could be coming up, and indeed, several beds had delicious things to look at.

 The first spring arrival I discovered were the blossoms on the North Star cherry. They were already past their prime and starting to fall off.

The blossoms on the garden's Honeygold dwarf apple tree were just starting to open. 

 One of the more colorful early arrivals was a large patch of violets. This gardener may think twice about letting them spread any further.

 This looks like a variety of red leaf lettuce that I'm guessing sprouted from volunteer seeds from last year's crop.

  Did you know that the beautiful purple flower of a chive is also edible? You can already see some flower pods starting to swell in the lower right part of the plant.

 This is a crop of winter rye put in last autumn to overwinter and provide a green manure this spring. This patch looks particularly large because it is neighboring plots that two people are gardening together.

 If I'm not mistaken, this is a strawberry plant.

 Onions or garlic, I'm not sure. But they're definitely planted in a row.

 Rhubarb  gets the prize for largest leaf this time of year.


  1. Hi, Joshua! Nice photos, I liked one with apple tree blooming.Rhubarb was my loved veg when my mother made a Rhubarb compote.
    My last post is The Earth Day Reading.

  2. Excellent pictures. The North Star cherry tree is quite lovely.