Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Troy Gardens plant sale

I went to this plant sale last year. Great variety of plants. But even if you aren't interested in the plant sale, it's a nice excuse to venture up to and explore this awesome co-housing development complete with gardens and a greenhouse.

Troy Community Farm Plant Sale
Saturday May 12th
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
in the Troy Greenhouse Parking Lot - 502 Troy Drive
(the parking lot will be closed for this event, please park on the street)

Complete plant list is here.  All plants are certified organic.

What to expect:
  • Plants will be arranged in the same order as they appear on the attached list - bring a copy of the list with you or pick one up at the event.  All plants will also be well labeled.
  • Plants will be in 4 or 6 packs and can be purchased as a pack, or packs can be cut for single plant sales.  Scissors will be available at each table for cutting packs.
  • Additional gardening supplies available include our new planting calendar, organic cover crop seed, row cover, and compost.
  • Volunteers will be available to answer questions and to help you get your purchases back to your vehicle.

What to bring:
  • A box for carrying your plants home will be helpful.  We will have some trays available for use while shopping.
  • If you wish to purchase bulk compost ($2.00 per 5 gallon bucket), bring some buckets or other containers to carry the compost home.  We will will also have pre-bagged compost available.

See you on Saturday!

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