Monday, February 24, 2014

Time to start some seeds

It may be below freezing outside, but inside it's time to start some seeds. My Vegetable Planting Calendar from Madison FarmWorks says that Feb. 26 is the day to plant leeks, onions and shallots from seed. I tried from seed last year but they didn't go in as early (post-hip surgery and PT wouldn't let me do stairs until middle of March!) and were rather wispy. I got a crop out of them, but they were small. This year, seed is in earlier and I've got a sunnier spot in mind.

I like to plant them in a clear plastic salad box. I can plant 100+ seeds in the box and the lid makes a nice, cozy environment for the first few weeks. I'm starting mine on a heat mat - helps with germination.

I wet down the potting soil generously first. Then scattered seed on top and covered with a bit more soil.

Covered and cozy on a heat mat. Germination is 7-14 days.

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