Saturday, March 22, 2014

More signs spring is on its way

Despite the Wisconsin weather forecast for a cold and rainy weekend, there are a few obvious signs of spring.

The first is that Friday evening, I walked eight blocks to a dinner party! A winter walk any distance further than my car to the garage alone is noteworthy.

Here's a few more things I saw during my evening walk.

On my way I saw a pair of ducks waddling in the street.

I also found this duck (decoy)  though I'm not sure what its purpose was in someone's front lawn.

 I found something poking up through last year's debris, perhaps irises?

At this point something else occurred that I found happens much more often during nice weather. I stopped to talk to people! Why don't have a photo of them, we had a lovely chat and they pointed out that their tulips next to their home  already had 2 inches of greenery above the ground.

A birdbath waiting patiently for someone migrating from the South to return.

A rain garden waiting patiently for the snow to melt and rain to arrive.

 One of many lost winter items that soon will no longer be missed.

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