Monday, June 20, 2011

AmFam community garden grand opening

With a garden shears and garland of ivy, gardeners, executives and a few curious employees officially opened the American Family community garden, located at the company's national headquarters on Madison's far east side. It was an overcast day, but dry and comfortable, a great day to see what the gardeners have been up to since the first day we could get in on June 3.

The community garden is an easy walk from the main buildings, so many people ambled over for the lunch hour ceremony. Angela Freedman and Leanne Glover, who are the main brains behind the project, explained that the garden is both part of the company's commitment to sustainability as well as each of their capstone project for an Edgewood College sustainability certificate.

Mary Schmoeger, a company executive, shared her commitment to the project, and together with two other vice presidents, cut a ceremonial ivy, and people wandered throughout the beautiful and unique 10x10 plots.

Thinking not only of bounty, but of beauty, many gardeners planted flowers among veggies.
A few of the fruit trees on the west side of the community garden. In a few years, gardeners will be able to harvest from the small orchard.

The garden on Monday morning, the background shrouded in fog. A very peaceful place at 6 a.m.

In the sustainability cycle, reuse comes before recycle, these hockey sticks make great stakes.

Angela Freedman (left) and Leanne Glover (center) talk about the community garden both as part of American Family's commitment to sustainability and the capstone for their sustainability certificate program.

Mary Schmoeger, second from left, Annette Knapstein (in white) and Dan Kelly, right, are American Family executives who sponsored the community garden project.

Ivy cutting with a garden shears.

Gnomeo waiting behind a picket fence for Juliette.

A garden with a mission, these folks planted with one thing in mind; salsa! Pictured are tomatoes, peppers, onions and cilantro. 

Cookies and lemonade under the community shelter. Some folks have their lunch at the picnic table.

Community tools.

My plot, tomatoes now have tar paper shelters and the brussel sprouts (left corner) really jumped up in the last few days.

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