Friday, May 11, 2012

Expansion gets traction

The American Family Community Garden expansion took a big step today, when GroundWorks broke new ground. Below are photos of before and after tilling, and a brief movie of the tilling in action.

Part of the expansion before tilling. The stakes are where a utility box will be installed later this spring.

Half of this part of the expansion tilled.

Jake from GroundWorks on an old but reliable tractor with a farm-sized roto-tiller on the back.

While the expansion was being tilled, one of last year's gardeners putting in plants and seeds.

After tilling, the entire area is seeded with oats and then tilled again to work the seeds into the ground. The oats will grow fast, crowding out weeds and providing a ground cover for several weeks. The ground will be tilled again just before being staked and plots are measured out.

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