Monday, August 27, 2012

Get ready for garllic

Garlic. Tangy. Tasty. And fairly easy to grow.
And you have to start thinking about it now. 
Really, I mean it, NOW. 

For us "northern" climate growers, don't make the same mistake I did last September and order softneck garlic. Only the hard-neck varieties thrive in our latitudes. Last year I planted a soft-neck and it was a major disappointment. Fortunately, the hard neck variety I bought (Duganski) did amazingly well, some of my crowns weighed in at four ounces. We harvested 10 pounds of garlic from one pound of crowns!

I highly recommend Territorial Seed Company. They have a wide variety of garlic and great customer service. If you don't know what you want, call them, they are very helpful!

The best part about raising garlic is you can use the seed over and over; so once you purchase a variety you like, you can keep using your own seed stock from year to year.

What are your favorite varieties?

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