Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fruit forest installation a success!

On Saturday, April 27, 21 volunteers, Jay and I planted five fruit trees. You may wonder why it took 23 people to dig five holes. Actually  it took just one friendly neighbor to dig the holes (thanks Dave!)

But to make a wonderful home for this fruit forest, plus gather and store as much water as possible in the soil, we also created a water catchment and storage system. 

To the best of my calculations, we moved five tons of compost, plus 30# hay bales, buckets of wet coffee grounds and cardboard from countless boxes and dug three 30' swales across the yard.

Here are a few photos, and a time-lapse video of the installation day.


Trees down

Roughly finished product

What a gang! Sorry Jay isn't in the picture, he was in the house preparing lunch.

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