Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Lazy Gardener lies in raised beds

When giving a tour of my vegetable patch, I call myself a lazy gardener. It usually gets a laugh, but more important, it gets people’s attention. Here is one of my top tips to decrease work, increase fun and grow more vegetables.

Raised beds. I like raised garden beds, and they can be simple or complex, all serve the same purpose. Garden beds can be reinforced (made of scrap lumber six to eight inches tall), or simply unreinforced (mounded up soil). Beds can be built before planting or after harvest (for the next season). 
These are the raised beds I grew up with. The art deco carpeting was  a later innovation. 
Some benefits include:
  • Easy access for planting, weeding and harvest
  • Creates a physical barrier so you aren’t tempted to trod on plants or compress soil
  • Soil amendments such as compost and mulch stay in the garden and out of the path where not needed
This is the "keyhole" design for my 10x10 garden. Fewer square footage for paths is more for vegetables!


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