Monday, November 11, 2013

Annual community garden potluck and networking

I attended my third Community Action Coalition (CAC) community garden potluck and networking event Monday night, Nov. 11. Each year it feels a little like homecoming, when many of us who are passionate about community gardens gather to share successes, winge (but just a little) about garden problems and share ideas.

One idea I got from Melissa Gavin might just make me a super hero in my garden next spring. She has a simple recipe of vinegar, salt and soap that will turn Canadian Thistles into wispy crispies. Melissa mentioned in passing she found the recipe on Pinterest - I found one that sounded like here recipe.

I also met a farmer who specializes in small-scale tilling and soil prepping. We may need him next spring if the American Family community gardeners decided to convert our "vine" or pumpkin patch into more plots.

It was also a delight to reconnect with Annette from the Atwood Community Garden. Two summers ago I helped a friend reclaim a weedy plot and Annette lent us a little rototiller. The diminutive machine was GREAT since I had to literally climb up an into the 2-foot tall accessible plot.

Finally, I got to sample some great food! Pumpkin soup. A broccoli soup with a touch of cayenne. Some amazing apple desserts. And a sourdough bread with sage butter. OMG.

But the best part was sitting around the table, good food on our plates and even finer company. I sat at a table for "garden leaders," there were other topic tables as well, like food pantry gardens, and gardens in southwest Madison.

Thanks to Shelly and the staff at CAC for organizing and hosting this dinner. I find it rewarding and very helpful. Like I said, it's kind of like going back home.

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