Saturday, June 14, 2014

Coop and chick photo updat

Here's a quick look at the coop's progress and the chick who are growing so fast!
Chicken word of the day: "Chicken with it's head cut off" - a lot of activity without direction; acting hysterical or brainless (well, I guess you'd be brainless if someone cut your head off)

Jay and Matt installed the roof, which they found rather difficult to get to at some points.

Rooftop selfie while insulating the coop roof.

When we removed old insulation from our house to prepare for an air sealing project last year; I saved the insulation thinking we might need it some day...
We only insulated the coop (on left) to keep them warm in the winter.

Matt securing a metal roof panel on the run.

Jay and Matt installing the last metal panel on the run.
The run on the right is finished, and the chickens moved in on June 8.

The coop (the insulated part where they will stay in the winter and where their nest box will be, still needs doors. The space on the bottom will be storage for food and bedding materials, and will also have doors.

Moving day!


Betsy (brown, in front), Flora (white, in back), Mifflin (black) and Olive.

Flora explores the ramp to the coop. The door at the top is currently boarded up.


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