Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why I garden; and why do you garden?

I've been thinking about why I recently got so very interested in growing my own vegetable garden. I've come up with a few reasons:
  • It's in my genes; or at least it was a learned gift from my mom when she sarted gardening the summer after our November 1976 move to our family farm. 
  • It's sustainable; growing my own food reduces the carbon footprint my food requires to get from source to my table. The community garden at work adds to the sustainability, I drive to work anyway, so there is no extra driving to access the garden before or after work.
  • It's possible; we have some sunny south-facing spots at home, and the community garden at work, while small, has 180 degree access to all-day sun.
  • It's trendy; pick up any newspaper or magazine and you can read about the "local food movement," reducing the carbon footprint of food, people raising chickens in their back yards, etc. I think we have a certain vibe here in Madison that encourages it as well; the city composts leaves that we can buy cheap, city dwellers are allowed to raise three hens and there are community gardens everywhere.
  • It's good; there is simply nothing like a warm, ripe tomato picked off the vine and eaten right there in the garden, or soon after in the kitchen
Why do you garden? Please leave a comment, we'd all like to know what inspires you to get into your garden.