Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Poultry Words and Phrases

As Jay, Matt and Marissa and I have been pondering our flock, coop, chicks and the like, we've discovered many poultry references in our English language.

My neighbor Jenny lent me a great book with a brief history of domesticated chickens and, suffice it to say, they've been with us a long, long time. In fact, until the mid 1900's, everyone in the city had "backyard chickens." It was only when suburbanization began to really expand and new municipalities wanted to distinguish themselves from their rural, farmer neighbors that urban chickens were written out of the cities through strict "no livestock" ordinances.

What cities like Madison have had to do is rewrite allowing poultry into their city codes. There's a great movie called "Mad City Chickens" that talks about a small group of people who came before me in their love of chickens in the city.

Anyway, starting today I'm going to start adding a chicken/poultry reference to my posts. Enjoy!

Bad egg: an unsavory person.

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