Sunday, February 1, 2015


I am pleased, excited and humbled to share the good news that I've been accepted to the Edgewood College Sustainability Leadership Master's Certificate program. I received the letter late this week.

The program consists of three classes:
  • an intensive, residential week at Edgewood (we stay in the dorms!) in late July for three credits.
    Sustainable Development Leadership (SUST 650)
  • the autumn semester meets every other Saturday
    Ecological Sustainability (SUST 651)
  • the spring semester 2016 meets every other Saturday
    Social and Economic Sustainability (SUST 652)
I have friends in several circles who have taken these three classes and they unanimously loved the program. I haven't studied, formally, since taking my permaculture design course two years ago, and before then, it had been decades. So my goal for the seven months prior to the start of the first course is to read some of the books from last year's syllabus.  While I know I'll reread them during the courses, at least I'll start to exercise my "studying muscle" and develop some habit that will help me succeed in this new and exciting academic adventure.

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