Monday, April 20, 2015

House to wrent on Madison's Eastside

NEW CONSTRUCTION - be the first to live in this cozy one-bedroom house located in the middle of a private orchard. Looking to rent to a bachelor wren seeking a safe place for this spring's prospective family.

House is sunny, dry, and made of western cedar (no moths eating your sweaters!) The fortified entry ensures no other birds get in; you can safely raise a family in this secure house.

The entry is oriented to protect you and your family from western wind and rain, and has a bird's eye view of the cherry tree.

Included are all-you-can-eat insect buffet, annual cleaning service, WiFi, water, sewer and protection from cats and other predators. If you really like the Nature Channel, we can add cable on request, but you'll have to pay for the hookup.

No smoking or fruit-eating.

Rent is a barter; free housing in exchange for protecting neighboring fruit trees from other birds.

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