Monday, June 29, 2015

Rhubarb juice?

...that's right, rhubarb juice, and it's surprisingly refreshing, tasty and does NOT need a lot of sugar to be delicious.

1) pick loads of rhubarb. I tend to slice off the leaves right at the plant, and I place them around the base of the plant to mulch it. They break down pretty quickly.

2) chop into one or two-inches pieces.

3) fill a big soup pot

4) add enough water to cover the rhubarb

5) boil until all the pieces have broken down. This is a surprisingly short time.

6) stir up until you don't see any chunks left

7) ladle into a colander over your biggest bowl

8) I found I had to stir the soupy mixture around a bit to speed up the draining process

9) Put the liquid through a finer sieve if you want all the solids out

10) I added filled a quart and added 2 tbs sugar. When serving, I filled a glass half way and filled the rest with cold water. Tastes great chilled.

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